5 Cranberry Sauce Recipes to Elevate your Cranberry Game

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Cranberry sauce is a staple at most Thanksgiving dinners – the bright and tart flavor pairs perfectly with turkey and adds a much needed pop of color to any table.

However, in my opinion, if it’s the canned stuff, put that at the kid’s table! It’s time to level up your cranberry sauce game. And trust me, it’s well worth the effort!

#1 Best Ever Cranberry Sauce

Boasting a 5 star rating with over 300 reviews, this 15 minute cranberry sauce will have people coming back for more.

With this recipe, you use fresh cranberries with orange juice, cinnamon and just a few other ingredients to make a cranberry sauce that is, as one reviewer says, “complete heaven”.

See the recipe here

#2 Cranberry Sauce

This recipe has an interesting take on cranberry sauce. This uses both cranberry juice and orange juice to pump up the flavor.

This recipe is designed to be made ahead of time, so make sure you have at least 12 hours before serving.

See the recipe here

#3 Five Ingredient Cranberry Sauce

This recipe adds vanilla extract and brown sugar to combat the tartness of the cranberries – and it does a great job!

With this cranberry sauce, you can use fresh or frozen cranberries, just make sure you do not thaw the frozen ones!

See the recipe here

#4 Cranberry Relish Recipe

Although not a traditional cranberry sauce, this is an interesting, new way to present cranberries!

The apples complement the cranberries in such a unique and tasty way. This is a great recipe to make ahead and with only 5 ingredients, it’s a snap to put together!

Definitely worth a try!

See the recipe here

#5 Bourbon Vanilla Cranberry Sauce

This is a welcome spin on the traditional cranberry sauce. With the addition of bourbon and vanilla.

And because the alcohol from the bourbon cooks off during the cooking process, this is safe for the whole family to try!

See the recipe here

Secret Hacks

I stumbled upon an article by Nick DeSimone with an interesting way to add an extra boost to your cranberry sauce – add rosemary!

Although he states this helped his canned cranberry sauce, I bet it goes well with any kind of cranberry sauce!

Another hack that my mom has used is to add a little Brandy to the sauce as you are cooking it down – this adds a really good flavor!

Worth a try? Let me know!

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