5 Turkey Brine Recipes for A Delicious, Tender Turkey

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Try these turkey brine recipes to elevate your turkey game this Thanksgiving!

If you’ve never brined a turkey, you’re missing out on a whole new way to cook and taste turkey! Brining turkey helps both to flavor and tenderize your turkey.

There are plenty of turkey brine recipes out there, so I’ve compiled a variety of different brines – from simple and traditional flavors to more adventurous ones. Let me know which one you like best!

#1 Super Easy Turkey Brine Recipe – By Munchkin Time

If you’ve never brined a turkey before, it may be best to stick with an easy recipe with more traditional flavors. This recipe has 12 ingredients including rosemary, thyme, steak seasoning and brown sugar and creates a delicious base flavor for your turkey.

#2 Apple Cider Turkey Brine – By Delightful E Made

Who doesn’t think of apple cider when you think of the fall? This apple cider turkey brine uses apple cider, orange, cinnamon, anise, rosemary, thyme, salt and a few more spices to an an incredibly rich, warm flavor to turkey.

This is a brine recipe you’ll keep on coming back to!

#3 Cajun Turkey Brine – by The Urban Cowgirl

I honestly never thought to Cajun up my turkey, and I feel like I’ve missed out on some good turkey dishes as a result.

Turkey really is a great meat to deliver Cajun flavors and this recipe really showcases this. Using simple ingredients such as cayenne powder, garlic powder paprika and a few more spices, this brine recipe packs a punch in the best way!

#4 5 Ingredient Turkey Brine Recipe – By I Heart Naptime

You don’t need to pull out all the spices to make a good turkey brine, and this recipe is proof of that! With the perfect proportion of garlic, rosemary, brown sugar and water, you can make a simple, yet incredibly tasty turkey brine with little effort.

#5 The Best Turkey Brine Recipe – By Homemade Heather

You really can’t think of Thanksgiving without cranberries being somewhere on the table. Whether it’s in cranberry sauce, in a dessert, and now…in your turkey brine!

This recipe takes a traditional turkey brine, adds apple cider vinegar, and pumps up the flavor with cranberries.

If you like the warm, bright flavor that apple cider and cranberries bring to dishes, you’ll love this recipe!

Well there you have it! From the usual flavors to some more unique flavor combos, there’s a turkey brine out there for every palate!

Have a recipe you’d like me to add to the list? Comment below!

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